Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Umbrella story

It was a normal day for me, i wake up at 8.10 am, then get dress-up, had breakfast, and at 9 am i was ready for my office,

As always it was hurry for me to catch bus, my bus stop is very near to my flat even i can see bus from my entrance gate.

i have seen two buses was leaving from my bus stop , i thought it may be my bad day. i have to wait for more hours at bus stop, but i was continued with my pace

and when i reached to the main gate of my society i have noticed another bus was coming to the bus stop, i was so happy and started running to the bus stop(hardly 50 mt.)

and i caught the bus, i was so happy, bus driver said Good morning to me, i felt like will reach office on time. i got seat, i was bit relaxing then i looked in to sky it's little bit dark(and as usual if you are not carrying umbrella then surly rain it will be rain :( )

now i have to catch second bus, it is a intersection, my heart beets started again, as sometime second bus cross infornt of my eyes.

i checked quickly on transport mobile application second bus timings, transport application sucks many times, it's not working.

i get down on the next bus stop, tried again Transport application, basically there are two bus options bus number 75 and 970, my favourite  is 970 as i have to walk less.

but 970 bus was coming after 9 minute(but 970 bus series is having all old busses, so normally they come late, compare to what shown on the app) and 75 was coming next minute

Again i saw the sky, it's very dark, again i checked my beg(i thought may be santa claus has put  )
so i decided to catch 970, as this is raining session and i don't wanted to take risk by catching 75 number bus

i boarded 970 bus after 11 minute and it was heavy raining and bus was quite empty, so i thought i can do YOGA(lom-belom), normally i avoid to do this on crowded bus. i feared may be people interpret me stupid :P

I had started Yoga, very silently and keep boosting me, rain would be stopped, when i reach.

when i get down, it was a downpour

except me and other Chinese person everybody having umbrella, both of us very innocently looking for fellow passenger, we hoped may be someone offer umbrella company.

after 2 minute only two of us was on the bus stop. then we say one shop worker(with carton using as umbrella, seems to me Chinese person ) was coming to the bus stop and carrying, i was day dreaming, he would come to this bus stop and he will offer carton to me.

OMG he was actually coming to the bus stop, i was get overjoyed,  i was looking to his eyes very politily, he came to the bus stop and was putting carton on the bus stop side as can't carry wet carton inside the bus,

We both were looking the carton, surprisingly he offered carton to me, without hesitation i accepted, another person was innocently looking to me, but carton was very small i can't share with him.

then i started walking straight to office, i reached finally

yes i offered to the Chinese people to share umbrella, but he gracelly understand the situation and refused.